The Estiluz Augmented Reality App – Real Size Lamps In Any Space!

One of the most satisfactory sides of my job as an agent is when I get to hit the road and meet the clients. And although scheduling appointments with buyers and prescribers of design can be tricky at times (they lead a busy life), when it all comes together and I get to introduce a brand or a new product, it’s great fun.

Last week’s road trip to Stockholm and Gothenburg was on a whole new level, as I had some special help in Spanish lighting manufacturer Estiluz’ Augmented Reality App. As the name reveals, it’s an app that shows the user the lamp in real size, in any space, good for domestic and professional use. 

All that’s required is an Ipad (Iphone or Android also works), the downloaded app (it’s free) and printed markers (for the wall, floor and ceiling lamps). Then you’re set to go…or show... Select a lamp of your liking, changing colours or even viewing it from different angles. When you’re satisfied with your selection – share it! 

It’s a real a breath-taker that makes the work of architects, interior designers, stylist and other prescribers just a lot easier. This revolutionary new technology is also a good indication where the industry is heading, with this interaction we no longer need to try to get a potential client or wife/husband to visualize, we simply show them what we have in mind, i.e. wall lamps in a hotel lobby, a pendant in a restaurant or floor lamp in that tricky kitchen corner at home. 

See a video of how the app works.
Find out more about markers etc.